Classic Movies Series at Village Theater

The series, a spinoff and legacy of former Mayor Casey Tanaka’s popular “Mayor’s Movie of the Month,” offers an “oldie but goodie” classic every month. All films are restored studio digital hard drives, including informative introductions and fun surprises!

Tickets are $5 each






Wednesday, January 31 is AMADEUS, 1984

Wednesday, February 28 is ROMANCING THE STONE, 1984

Wednesday, March 28 is CITIZEN KANE, 1941

Wednesday, April 25 is CASABLANCA, 1943

Wednesday, May 30 is BREAKING AWAY, 1979

Wednesday, June 27 is THE LION IN WINTER, 1968

Wednesday, July 25 is YANKEE DOODLE DANDY, 1942

Wednesday, August 29 is WHEN HARRY MET SALLY, 1989

Wednesday, September 26 is OUT OF AFRICA, 1985

Wednesday, October 24 is FIVE EASY PIECES, 1970

Wednesday, November 28 is MR. SMITH GOES TO WASHINGTON, 1939

Saturday, December 15 is MIRACLE ON 34th STREET, 1947

Informative introductions to all films

All films start at 5 pm unless indicated otherwise

Coronado’s Village Theatre

820 Orange Avenue